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backstage pass backing the Crystals The Crystals with Wolfman Jack with Lou Christie With Kid Rock
 One of my adventures on tour, at the Oneida Tribe Casinos The backing band for the Wolfman Jack tours The Crystals and Tommy C One fine gentleman...  Wolfman Jack with Lou Christie with Kid Rock
Michael King, Gary Nester, et. al with Mitch Ryder Phineas Gage The Space Cadets Wayne Shoemaker FrankenKeillor!
The Band That Never Was: From left: Rick Miller, Michael King, Gary Nester and Jef with Mitch Ryder at the Token Lounge in Detroit Phineas Gage, legends in their own Hamtramck. The Space Cadets... been with them through many galaxies and lifetimes... with legendary bluesman Wayne Shoemaker Need I say more?
Chubby Checker with Lesley Gore My D.R.E.A.D. card with Ben E King The Wolfman Show Nef-n-Jef
with Chubby Checker with Lesley Gore A Detroit phenomenon... my D.R.E.A.D. Card with Ben E. King (Producer, Natalie Cole) A view of a Wolfman Jack show... Nef 'n Jef - The singer-songwriting team of David Nefesh and Jef Reynolds
The Space Cadets The Willie Dunns with Kevin Quain Wit Charlie Musselwhite With Jan Krist The Magic Poetry Band
The Space Cadets now.  From left: Doug Hamborsky, Bill Hulet., Jef Reynolds The Happy Band, from their upcoming CD, Love Going South Mr. Valentine himself... with Kevin Quain with Charlie Musselwhite with Jan Krist The Magic Poetry Band CD
with Jimmy Heath From left: Charles "Buddy" Smith, Sir Mack Rice, Eddie Floyd, Jef, KT Lowe        

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